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November 07, 2016

Hi everyone, it's been a while since I've had an update on the Gogobeen front. Focus has shifted from doing iOS screens to getting the project website together. This is stage 1 of the project in the long term, getting a blog together a...

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Gogobeen Home/Feed Section

October 07, 2016

Continuing on from working on the app icons earlier this week, I've branched out into working on one of the features in more detail. The home screen/feed is something I've been going over and over in my head forever, so it's likely it'll...

Gogobeen Nav Icons

October 04, 2016

Hey everyone, it's been quiet on the Gogobeen front recently so I decided to start experimenting with the style of the navigation. I only recently finalised the sections and features of the application so next thing I wanted to do was pr...

Gogobeen Trips

August 11, 2016

Hey everyone, bringing you more Gogobeen this evening with an insight into the Trips feature. At present these screens act as the landing screen once a user has logged in/returned to the app but this may change to the search/browse funct...

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Gogobeen - Go Explore

August 10, 2016

Hey friends, I'm currently working on a campaign for Gogobeen and it's bid to secure funding to allow the dream to become a reality. At this stage, the iPhone app design is well under way and we have the MVP nailed down, all we need now ...

Gogobeen is go!

August 04, 2016

Hey everyone, I'm so excited to be finally putting this project into motion. Gogobeen is something that a friend and I came up with in December 2008 - yep two thousand and eight - and only now we've stopped talking about it and started d...

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iOS Onboarding

June 29, 2016

Hey everyone, I've been working on my Gogobeen side project recently and wanted to share with you all some of the screens from the application's proposed onboarding process. Got a lot more to come from this over the next while, also work...

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Gogobeen Website

May 10, 2016

Gogobeen has been a slow burner as far as projects go (this page was designed in August 2015), it is a side project of mine that I may eventually one day get beyond the concept and mockup stage. I had some web pages designed for potentia...

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