Pulselocker Mobile Landing Page

December 18, 2015

Mobile hero section of the Pulselocker landing page.

Early Sketch for release overlay

December 05, 2015

This was an early visual design sketch I did for Pulselocker music streaming service. Still like how the album cover integrates in the overlay

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Selector next gif

Loading experience in beatselector

November 08, 2015

Animation design for a radio-like music tool inside of Pulselocker music streaming service for DJs.

Waiting Experience in Subscription Flow

November 04, 2015

Waiting flow for a subscription form of Pulselocker Music Streaming service

Login page design for Pulselocker

November 03, 2015

Simple design for a login form for the music streaming service Pulselocker

Music player Pulselocker user interface

November 02, 2015

Closeup of the player design I did for Pulselocker music streaming service.

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Music genre page

November 02, 2015

Another screen from the Pulselocker user interface. This time from the logged-in section: the detail page of a genre that the guys from Pulselocker fill with hand-curated content every week.

Pulselocker Business Cards

November 01, 2015

Business card design for the music streaming service Pulselocker. Do you see the record sleeve? :-)