Toodles 36

Toodles 36: Squarespace Edition

July 20, 2012

Friday call, time for doodling, and a great chance to try out my new Circa Dot Grid notebook. Love it! ;)

Toodles 35a

Toodles 35a: 3rd gen

July 17, 2012

Just playin'. Tuesday is a day of doodles; grab what you can and get crackin! Oh ya, you can follow me on teh Twitters to check out other doodles and drawerings on Instagram.

Toodles 34

Toodles 34: Friday, Cali edition

July 06, 2012

Messing around with a ball-point pen while on a call. Scrap note paper is great for stuff like that right?

Toodles 33

Toodles 33: Revising the script

June 26, 2012

Practice makes perfect amirite? Just playing with some scripties and Tuesday is doodle day!

Toodles 32

Toodles 32: Tribute to the haters

June 21, 2012

We still love you all! Just some conference call fodder. :P

Toodles 31

Toodles 31: Glengarry

June 05, 2012

Tribute to an office-mate of mine. If you haven't seen Glengarry Glen Rose you owe it to yourself to at least YouTube Alec Baldwin's performance (NSFW). ;) Tuesday doodles...oh how I've missed you!

Toodles 30

Toodles 30: The Mad Oyster

May 18, 2012

I know it's not Tuesday but still had a few minutes to doodle and wanted to do some ornate lettering stuffs. Absolutely no clue where the concept came from but seemed like a fun idea anyways. Happy Friday!

Toodles 29

Toodles 29: The Eyechart - Americana Edition

May 16, 2012

...ya know, to make sure we're all still seeing red, white, and blue!