the end of another story

November 02, 2018

A few amendments later. I greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks to everyone!


November 01, 2018

Maybe a little better than the previous one.

end of story

October 31, 2018

I'm trying something new. I guess.

Cartoonology S1E1 | 15

June 29, 2018

Scene 15 One of the last illustration from first episode!

Cartoonology S1E1 | 05

June 26, 2018

Scene 05 Illustration from upcoming project called Cartoonology! I'm very, very excited!

Cooking Show | characters

May 22, 2017

Character design for project I'm currently working on.

Comic | All

March 08, 2017

My whole family in one shot. New project is coming! In order from biggest to smallest: Blaise Agnes Rune the Samoyed Soot the Cat

Comic | Blaise

March 06, 2017

New project is coming!