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  1. 20 Oct
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    Benjamin Krogh
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    This whole series you're doing is stunning! Love love love seeing the sketches.

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  4. 3 Oct
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    @Brand Winnie Alex's comment was sarcastic, absolutely. But I think he was speaking to the fact that it's a bit problematic to hear about issues of racism from the most privileged and protected type of person in America – the white male (myself included!). You're not a minority, sorry man. Neither am I. We actually get to listen and learn from folks who are to help make our world a better place! It takes humility but it can be done.

    And the reason I used the term "earning points" was simply due to the fact that you seem to think that you had more experience than someone else in the area of "race." Seems like a resume/experience points type of statement to me.

    As far as media goes: preach it, friend. There's a lot of ridiculous stuff out there. But truly, the comments that Trump has made regarding minorities and women are widespread and certainly not a ploy by the "liberal agenda" to ruin our country. He's simply a racist, sexist goon.

    Be it far from me to tell you who to vote for, do as you see fit. But please don't turn a blind eye to Trump's racist and sexist behavior (also, want to talk about lies?) to toe the party line. Both sides could use some more rational thinking in the process :)

  5. 3 Oct
    Benjamin Krogh
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    @Brand Winnie "I have more experience than you on race" sort of speaks to the issue here.

    It's not a skill, or a trick up your sleeve, it's humanity. It's not a game to one-up someone else on by how many brown people you know. And you don't "earn points" just by being in proximity. You don't erase being a racist or sexist by "knowing black people" or "hiring women." That's not how life works.

    That's the issue here with Trump. He views the world as his playground in which he can earn points, screw other people over, and only extend faux kindness when it's advantageous to himself and himself only. He loves America? False. He loves himself. And that's why he's certainly not qualified or fit to lead our country.

  6. 28 Sep
    Benjamin Krogh
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    Killleerrrrrrrr work! Also you should tell the Bible Project to upload smaller sizes of the artwork because right now every portrait is like ginormous and the page takes a long time to load :)