Brewshop product labels v2

July 11, 2016

Turns out the last Brewshop label design I did in portrait format wouldn't fit on all the products, so it has to be horizontal. Here's attempt #2. This label and many other very similar labels will go on a variety of white containers. -...

Brewshop product labels

July 07, 2016 is an ecommerce home brew beer supply company who I've been working with for years on everything from branding + identity, web design + frontend, advertising, print material, signage, and now some simple product labels. T...

Brewshop biz cards

June 22, 2016

Up until this point operated without any business cards! They've now come to me to design some simple generic business cards (they don't need ones for individual people). While the business is almost entirely online and ...

Brewshop Branding

November 25, 2015

Here's a summary of some brand and print elements I've developed over the years for Brewshop. This image will be part of my redesigned portfolio which I'm slowly developing in the background as time allows. Follow me | Website | Behance...

Brewshop Xmas

November 10, 2014

Preparing graphics for the holidays!


Brewshop sale badge

January 28, 2014

Working on a responsive redesign for This is the product sale badge above price.



August 03, 2011

Final version


Brewshop Scale Label

July 26, 2011