1. Limitations only go so far
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    Limitations only go so far
  2. Salvador Dali Interpretation nbu bulgarian grain swirls wing eyes woman swan illustration illustrator stylization interpretation dali salvador dali
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    Salvador Dali Interpretation
  3. Social Impact
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    Social Impact
  4. The Town of Koprivshtitsa uprising rebellion bridge grain texture grain texture letter k implementation monument pine pattern illustrator house letter soldier architecture rural bulgarian bulgaria illustration
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    The Town of Koprivshtitsa
  5. M like Melnik winery letter lettermark monument drunk drink pyramids wine warm ancient rural building elements pattern graphic bulgarian bulgaria sunny design illustration
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    M like Melnik
  6. Can I fit in? surfing girl character ask dark gradient dribbble outfit sports pink shot debut shot debuts laptop blue hair yoga girl illustration fit gymnastics debut illustration
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    Can I fit in?
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