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January 02, 2013

For the month of January, you will get my 2013 year of the snake ampersand as a temporary tattoo with all letterpress orders from Dolce Press!

Dribbble snake2


December 13, 2012

left is way less obvious, but i kinda liked that about it...


Pattern Redux Dot Com

October 25, 2012

First time makin a seamless pattern this complex... w00t

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Dolce Press Icons

July 26, 2012

Icons for the soon to be released new website for Dolce Press

Dribbble 02

Dolce Press Business Card

December 12, 2011

Business Cards from the Dolce Press suite. New logo and branding. Letterpress. Sticker around side with individual name and email address.

Dribbble 01

Dolce Press Branding

December 01, 2011

Pattern to be used with new branding I did for Dolce Press, a letterpress studio in New York.