Sticker Vending Machine

August 20, 2018

30/30 - Finale. I had this idea of Sticker Vending machine that you can get Stickers easily. Would love to see it someday. 😄 Thanks for being with me these 30 days. More will come. I will try to upload daily. Stay tuned for new stuffs.


August 16, 2018

29/30 - Skateboard Backpack I will post some more skateboad Illustrations in the future and make it one project. So, stay tuned. 30 days of Illustration is almost over!!!


August 15, 2018

28/30 - Katana Illustration Always loved and admired Japanese Culture. Been there quite a few times now. Still, the best country in the World! Fun Fact: I used to do Kendo when I was a kid. Ayy! 😁


August 14, 2018

27/30 - Superman Man of Steel. Justice League series is almost complete! I think he will look awesome with legs and flying, what do you think? 😄 Also, I do polls on my Instagram Story to choose which character next! You can find me on ...


August 13, 2018

26/30 - Machine Some kind of futuristic, but really old machine. What kind of microwave would need an external big device to work? Maybe time machine? Steins;Gate style? I don't know, but it was really fun designing this thing. 😄

Waterfall #4

August 10, 2018

25/30 - Waterfall #4 It has been since I have made Waterfall Illustration. There is just something about waterfalls, I love them, but they take really long to Illustrate. Mixed feelings, mixed.

Lazy Panda 🐼

August 09, 2018

24/30 - Panda I have always wanted to create some Animal Illustration, but could not draw one. So, I challenged myself to create an animal today. This is the result. Hope you like it! 😃

Wonder Woman

August 08, 2018

23/30 - Princess Diana of Themyscira 👑 First ever Female Character I have Illustrated. I have referenced many versions of Wonder Woman and tried to mix it together. Comment your favorite Justice League Member! ☺️ Also, I do polls on ...