Due task calendar

Due Task Calendar

February 06, 2012

Calendar showing you current date. The left side is task list on that day. Red & green bar should act like priority/ different tag. Full preview. Btw I'm available for new interested project. Feel free to contact me or mention me

Class atendance

Class Attendance

February 04, 2012

As I mention on the previous shot, You can see full preview Here.

Class atendance

Time Begin - Time End

February 03, 2012

This time stamp will show you the beginning & end time of the class also the topic below it. Captured screen.


Form pane

February 01, 2012

Some glyphs were custome. View the complete form pane.

Table reminder

Table Reminder

January 31, 2012

Green shape show the time stamp on the table. Left side is reminder. Up side is the input time I probably think that this sidebar with over all style will suit beter if the background is wood. Thoughts? Bit bigger.



January 30, 2012

Going to different direction of style. Any thoughts? Bigger preview. Sorry can't show full view yet

Sport table

Sport Table

January 28, 2012

Dig further for the 1st approach. Probably still will do another approach. Bigger

Period   reminder

Period & Reminder

January 27, 2012

1st approach. Menu

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