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Overview Page

After Instructor/ Assistant/ Staff see the course list (previous shot), they can click on each course and see an overview page. This page will show them all ...

April 23, 2011


Listing Page

still designing the same site. A students feedback site. but this time the version for instructor/ assistant. After Instructor/ assistant login, they will b...

April 02, 2011

Dribble2 3

question Form 2 of 3

Hi guys, need your feedback again about this 2nd question form. Please see bigger size here in my blog http://cl.ly/5eDk

March 31, 2011

Question form

Question Form 1of 3

This will be like a first question form that will be the next page from from previous shot. I've spent time to adjusting spaces, font size, and arranging but...

March 30, 2011


Drop Down Menu ✔

Drop down menu for Students Feedback. how this work: The students only need to choose the course and then click login button. do you think I should change ...

March 28, 2011

Shot 1300092302

Students Feeback Logo [revision]

Hi guys, thanks for all your lovely feedback! I've made a minor changes, and came up with this. I decided to change the "ee" letters to be more like quotes, ...

March 14, 2011

Shot 1299758277

Students Feeback Logo

this should be fun yet formal. Any thought guys?

March 10, 2011