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Magnises is transforming the traditional credit and debit card by building a community of select members who receive special benefits and exclusive access.

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Media Page

August 17, 2015

showing you collection of photos based on events. Bigger screens attached. Best, B

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Display transition

Display Transition (prototype)

August 07, 2015

Did a prorotype in @Atomic to show the transition between list view & cover view. You should see how the icon & content changes fluidly. Please see the prorotype here. Sorry for bad gif here. Hope atomic will have a record fea...

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Event Page

August 05, 2015

Events page. Basically a calendar with a list of upcoming events. Did custom icons for the menubar. Check the full screen to see it :) Cheers.

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DNA Menu

August 04, 2015

DNA let you choose the type of perks you want to see. Part of Magnises iOS app design last year. More of this project Bady.

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Make Resevation

August 03, 2015

Hello Dribbblers. Trying to be more active in here again by sharing a iOS app design for Magnises last year. Designed based on that time visual language. This is part of the cover view. Full view attached. More to come. Cheers

All Perks

October 02, 2014

Hi Guys, Want to give a sneak peek of one of the work I did months ago for Magnises. I've been very busy with works since I left wego. More shots are coming soon. Stay tune! Cheers

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