Detail dd

Detail Page DD

December 29, 2011

Drop down state in initial detail page. Bigger You can see more detail on my temporary portfolio. More works coming soon!

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Drop down

Menu drop down

December 26, 2011

Drop down state when New menu clicked. Thoughts? Bigger

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Detail view

Detail View ⌕

December 23, 2011

Detail view. Thoughts? Bigger

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Notif s

Notification ⥿

December 21, 2011

Notification bar. This notif will be sliding down from the back of the menu bar. Thoughts? Bigger

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Detail list2

Sidebar ⠿

December 21, 2011

I'm considering only use flat line instead using folder icon for "Folder title". Any thoughts? Bigger

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List preview3 alt copy2

List Preview alt

December 12, 2011

Another version with kind a flat style. This is not the final.. not sure will be used. Full view here Any thoughts will be welcomed :)

List preview3 alt copy

List Preview DD

December 07, 2011

List preview3 alt copy

List Preview

December 06, 2011

Finally can reveal more about this project.