Wego iPhone App by Bady

iPhone app for wego.com I do ui design, interaction design & information architecture

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Flight Search

April 17, 2014

I'm revealing a bit of the next version of wego app. This will be likely done after a quickflip where you can see on previous shots. Some how the line looks blurry here, make sure you see attachment for actual pixel on the attachment. ...

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Hotel Search Form

April 01, 2014

Quick flip on hotel search form placed side by side with flight search form. Nothing fancy and just keep it simple and clear. Real pixel More about this project Cheers

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Flight Form iOS7

March 27, 2014

Doing quick flip iOS7 design for our current app for this Q2. We did some gradual improvements including: - Iconography - Visual language (less & consistent color) - Typography See attachment for real pixel. Cheers

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Search flight screen ios7

Wego Flight Search iOS7 (gif)

October 07, 2013

Been working on this for couple of months. iOS6 version is almost final and now in beta version. We're now convert the design to match iOS7 style. This one is the first screen. You can see the attachment where I made changes by adding l...

Hotel   flights

Hotel & Flights Results

July 31, 2013

Hotel search result & one way flight result Actual size

Versioning screen

Flight Screens

July 25, 2013

I'm showing other versions of Wego app. The final versions that currently running on alpha build is the last one where there is no tab. We replace it by selecting the dates. When you select 2 dates it will be round trip flight. More scr...

Flight search

Flight Search

July 16, 2013

Early concept of the flight screen for Wego app. Been working on this since April and now we tested the beta version of the app. I plan to update the design to be more suited for iOS7 when everything is fixed. Even Though this almost f...

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