Quick Doodle: Penguin

March 09, 2018

Follow Me On IG 5/5: Penguins have an interesting method of travel. They're also known for their dancing abilities. Gonna take a little break from the birdies but will get back to them soon enough.

Quick Doodle: Mallard Duck

March 08, 2018

Follow Me On IG 4/5: I used to see flocks of ducks all the time when I lived in Pennsylvania. The male mallard is so beautiful - it's the one with the green head and blue feathers on the top-side of their wings (cue "the more you know" ...

Quick Doodle: Pelican

March 07, 2018

Follow Me On IG 3/5: What can I say? It's turned out to be bird week. I am just having too much fun with these 😬 A friend suggested I do a pelican - so this one's for you, buddy!

Quick Doodle: Hummingbird

March 06, 2018

Follow Me On IG 2/5: I really enjoyed making the cardinal from yesterday so I am doing more. Here is a simple little hummingbird - took a few liberties with colors 😅

Quick Doodle: Cardinal

March 05, 2018

Follow Me On IG 1/5: Little cardinal mark. Sometimes it's fun to just get an idea out there - quick and dirty. Hope you like!

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