Auth0 Auth0 Universe Tees by Auth0

Each team is a universe on its own. These t-shirt designs try to convey all of the elements that make the culture in our themes. Let your imagination fly...

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The Beaver, space manager

May 03, 2017

Because assure the success of mission is an important task, we have called the beaver!

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Illusions of peacock

May 01, 2017

Have you ever felt that you are dreaming with a product? If so, then you have met the magical peacock of marketing.

The fantastic universe of design

March 13, 2017

Time, lots of coffee and a little bit of magic are the elements necessary to create this awesome universe of shapes and colors.

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Multitasking Octopus

March 11, 2017

They command the ship, protect us and take care of all other teams. They are the giant and multitasking octopus.

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Bear developer of the force

March 10, 2017

Will fight the bugs with the power of the Force.

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Crafty fox

March 10, 2017

This crafty fox will live in the chest of each member of Marketing and Sales teams of @Auth0.

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