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by Aurélien Salomon ➔

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Google.com transitions

Hey bros, As promised on other shot, here is a visual exercise I did this week end. I took the linked shot as a context for this exercise. From the Google...

March 31, 2015

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Reddit visual exploration

Hey! Hope y'all doing great! I am currently pretty busy with my work (like everybody), but here is a quick visual exploration of Reddit I did during my spar...

March 07, 2015

Google - Material exploration

Hello, Here is a little week end exploration of how Google could look like with the material design. I will add the animations next week. Just a concept. Bt...

November 01, 2014

Wikipedia concept

Hi guys, I am still working on my thesis about UX but I had this little concept in my mind. Here is a preview of a Wikipedia concept. PLEASE NOTE: I did it...

April 14, 2014

Facebook redesign - light

This is my vision of the Facebook page (yep again). First of all, I know that I don’t have any ideas about the whole context, Facebook have strong ergonomis...

December 27, 2013

Youtube Redesign

This is my vision of the Youtube video page. First of all, i know that i don’t have any ideas about the whole context , Youtube has strong ergonomists, usab...

December 07, 2013

Google Redesign

This is my vision of the google result page. I would really like to search through Web, images and maps (or video) at the same time. I am not saying it's b...

November 28, 2013