1. Rimba Café, visual identity

  2. Rimba Café, menu and business cards

  3. Menu for a bar/restaurant

  4. Menu and logo for a restaurant

  5. BALI illustration

  6. Collection of white e-books

  7. Christmas icons

  8. Christmas icons

  9. Packaging and visual identity for Ojas Elements

  10. Illustration

  11. Summer

  12. Illustration

  13. Thin Places

  14. Visual Identity for a language school

  15. Logo for a photography challenge website

  16. Digital illustrations for a video-making platform

  17. Logo for a technology company

  18. Logo for a business coach

  19. Branding and webdesign

  20. Logo for a data-analysis company

  21. Branding kit for an accessories brand

  22. Branding kit for a yoga studio

  23. Logo for a yoga studio

  24. Logo for a life coach

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