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  1. 28 Apr Pro
    Commented on Project RainMan

    Just saw this via

    Really nice!

  2. 23 Apr Pro
    Commented on Ferris - Clips into shareable memories

    @Jed Bridges I was like... "th-f***?" hahaha, you got me. I was feeling terrible as I definitely don't want to rip anyone's work. Even the design-police-diva-types here on Dribbble.

    Oh, also, I didn't do the mark. Paul, the CEO, did that concept and, IMO, it's really nice. Wish I could claim that part :)

    Looking forward to sharing more of the app's design tonight/tomorrow. Thanks for the kind words man!

  3. 6 Apr Pro
    Commented on Waiting for a Wave

    Want a TV in my office playing this all day.

  4. 18 Mar Pro
    Commented on Got You Next Logo

    So clean, simple and original.

  5. 18 Feb Pro
    Commented on GIF of the Tap Bar Concept

    It could be done if you used a PNG sequence*, don't listen to the haters man. Keep pushing :)

    *Depending on the number of images and memory needed to run it, also may be some issues with quickly using the buttons before the animation sequence is complete, but you could create some ghost buttons in the landing positions. Anyway it IS doable in code, just not stock / UIView.animateWithDuration level easy :)