1. Evolution of humankind // #stayathome motion design aftereffects quarantine staysafe stayhome coronavirus homo sapiens evolution
    View Evolution of humankind // #stayathome
    Evolution of humankind // #stayathome
  2. Online Parizer shopping (Hungarian content) animáció animation aftereffects uiux ui online shopping párizsi parizer magyar magyarország szeged hungary
    View Online Parizer shopping (Hungarian content)
    Online Parizer shopping (Hungarian content)
  3. Doggy walk dog illustration cute dogs doggy cartoon character design characterdesign characer animation walk proud walk cycle dog
    View Doggy walk
    Doggy walk
  4. Doggy dog illustration dog art kutya doggy animation cartoon cute rigging motion design character animation rig dog
    View Doggy
  5. Color trails animation 2d animation missingcloud particles retro colorful motion design text animation
    View Color trails
    Color trails
  6. Logiscool Logo animation 2019 typeface magyarország szeged hungary typographic motion graphics after effects animation typography logo animation
    View Logiscool Logo animation 2019
    Logiscool Logo animation 2019
  7. QUiCK App Gif 6
    View QUiCK App Gif 6
    QUiCK App Gif 6
  8. QUiCK App Gif 3
    View QUiCK App Gif 3
    QUiCK App Gif 3
  9. QUiCK App Gif 2 animator europe szeged hungary animation animated gif excel magnifier
    View QUiCK App Gif 2
    QUiCK App Gif 2
  10. QUiCK App Gif animated gif gif animated grab invoice game crane gif
    View QUiCK App Gif
    QUiCK App Gif
  11. Logiscool Adventure Book render learning cinema 4d 3d design book booklet booklet design
    View Logiscool Adventure Book render
    Logiscool Adventure Book render
  12. Character Designs (IRMA Animated Video) illustration characters szeged hungary explainer video design character design motion design animation
    View Character Designs (IRMA Animated Video)
    Character Designs (IRMA Animated Video)
  13. IRMA SaaS Video (scene extract) administration problem startup saas paperwork animation explainer explainer video
    View IRMA SaaS Video (scene extract)
    IRMA SaaS Video (scene extract)
  14. Social BigBang social media design space universe big bang styleframes motion design animation animated video animated gif social media marketing attention marketing social media c4d 3d
    View Social BigBang
    Social BigBang
  15. Split Strap - still render 2 product design product 3d product 3d artist animation after effects accerssory photography photographers photo render 3d animation 3d animation
    View Split Strap - still render 2
    Split Strap - still render 2
  16. Split Strap - still render render startupmarketing startup photography photograp photo design illustration 3d animation
    View Split Strap - still render
    Split Strap - still render
  17. Excuses Against Animated Videos animation design animated illustration animation after effects excuses animated gif animated animation 2d motion graphics animations animated video animation
    View Excuses Against Animated Videos
    Excuses Against Animated Videos
  18. Holiday GIF children kids hurray holiday summer vacation
    View Holiday GIF
    Holiday GIF
  19. Stop, Drop and Scroll aftereffects drop floor emergency hand hands feed newsfeed scroll motion design fun animation
    View Stop, Drop and Scroll
    Stop, Drop and Scroll
  20. Expectations VS Reality project projects process project-management expectations reality think animations animated-video
    View Expectations VS Reality
    Expectations VS Reality
  21. Help -> Hello :) hello help animáció magyarorszag hungary szeged transformation typo animation
    View Help -> Hello :)
    Help -> Hello :)
  22. A Dance Of Batteries rainbow colorful aftereffects animation charging batteries after-effects battery
    View A Dance Of Batteries
    A Dance Of Batteries
  23. Interactive Giraffe Animations motion graphics fitness tamagochi interactive character-animation unity2d magyarország szeged giraffe
    View Interactive Giraffe Animations
    Interactive Giraffe Animations
  24. Zombie Darts! fun funny character animation dartboard sport sports throw dart darts zombies zombie
    View Zombie Darts!
    Zombie Darts!
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