Ident dark

Lightbridge Ident v2

June 19, 2012

Another jam at the lightbridge ident... Some lighter type, inverted the mark/tuned it a tad. Don't know what's up w/ the compression artifacts in the shot (something happens on upload?!) non-artifact-y version attached.

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Lightbridge Login

June 19, 2012

Just some more in-progress work from our forthcoming "Lightbridge" project... Login aside, we're still fiddling with the ID/logo as well. Full-view attached for those interested.

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Lightbridgeid blue

Lightbridge Ident

May 30, 2012

An in-prog logo jam for our forthcoming iOS app, tentatively called Lightbridge... Still futzing w/ the type spacing, etc. Dark version attached. Will post some UI stuff in a little bit as well!

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Lightbridge Projects

March 06, 2012

Working on the next major update to our productivity/project mgmt./list app HQ: To Do > Here's where we started! > Making room for a couple new features...

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