iPhone Prototypin' by Assembly Co.

A handful of in-progress UI screen designs for a productivity app we'll be submitting towards the end of May!

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HQ (2.0) Schedule View

December 22, 2011

WIP conceptin' of a "daily schedule" view for a future HQ app update! • Header shows you blocks of time left in a day, total hrs unused • Meter at top gives a quick peek at the day's timeline • Blocks show a task, timeframe & length...

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HQ is finally out!

June 10, 2011

Thank you guys SO much for all of the constructive feedback on this project! Oh, also... We JUST launched! HQ:Todo & task lists is now available! This shot, is a small peek at what we're cookin' up for the first update. Mostly just ...


Hq app icon is go!

May 18, 2011

HQ icon in action. We ended up going with the white BG variation, as it contrasted best with the default wallpaper for iPhone 4... Plus 3G and eariler iPod Touches. Anyways... We're only a few days away from beta! Our 3-man crew is pret...


HQ app icon

May 14, 2011

logo for our forthcoming iPhone app. Variations attached! We're going with a flat/no-chrome style icon to "hopefully" help it pop out a bit on most iPhone home screens. Which version? We're not entirely sure! Thoughts guys?

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iPhone App Prototypin' 2

May 10, 2011

Here's the in-prog "new project" screen. Our "picker" (to set the due date, here) expands from the point of touch, rather than the bottom. Idea being, you activate it, choose a date, and close it (by tapping the SAME area) without having...

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Photo 3

iPhone App Prototypin'

May 08, 2011

In progress, project mgmt app we're currently in the midst of cookin' up. See attachment for full view if interested!

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