1. Volt Characterdesignprocess 2d character design
    Volt Characterdesignprocess
  2. Volt Partying simple after effects vector character illustration 2d animation
    Volt Partying
  3. Volt Compprocess process comp animation
    Volt Compprocess
  4. Voltman colourful flat simple 2d animation
  5. Out of power after effects vector character simple 2d animation
    Out of power
  6. Wireframe process 2d animation
  7. Kids nowadays after effects simple vector animation 2d
    Kids nowadays
  8. Smilin' flat simple 2d animation
  9. Coins loop rolling animation kroner dk coins 2d
  10. A thing for a thing bike nature windmills green gif animation compositing 2d
    A thing for a thing
  11. Design revisions of a face animation 2d revisions timelapse face character
    Design revisions of a face
  12. Bottling process loop machine conveyer belt beer 2d bottle
    Bottling process
  13. Happy beer drinker festival beer vintage simple flat background 2d
    Happy beer drinker
  14. Celebrating stick figure simple 2d animation party hurrah
  15. Social Streams stream symbols social gif loop
    Social Streams
  16. OSS animated zoom animation zoom 2d after effects colourful
    OSS animated zoom
  17. OSS animated splitscreen colourful after effects 2d splitscreen animation
    OSS animated splitscreen
  18. Santamariagif loop explanation 2d morphing
  19. Background design #2 vector simple flat background 2d
    Background design #2
  20. Background design #1 vector 2d flat simple background
    Background design #1
  21. Friday BOOM BOOM flat simple bar friday 2d graphics coverphoto facebook
    Friday BOOM BOOM
  22. New Showreel and Website bang party 2d showreel animation
    New Showreel and Website
  23. Chugging along simple work 2d animation gif loop
    Chugging along
  24. Morphing Diamond bricks diamond gif animation morph
    Morphing Diamond
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