Funky DVD + Case

March 11, 2015

This might be one of my favorite collateral pieces we've ever done. Photographed by @alicjacolon A Braizen Team Effort

Magical Collateral

January 28, 2015

Currently working on collecting and photographing featured work for our new site (in progress). This is kind of an old project, but still a favorite. A Braizen Team Effort

Manuela sketch

Manuela Bertol Sketch

July 30, 2013

I love looking back @Walter Cochran's original sketches. A Braizen Team Effort

Manuella boards

Manuela Bertol Brand

July 30, 2013

Super funky brand @Walter Cochran and team just finished up for a Brazilian Photographer. Really excited to unveil the whole thing on our blog shortly. Client loves really eclectic art and design and steered us towards Banksy inspired il...

Manuela bc

Manuela Bertol Business Card Mockup

June 19, 2013

Business card collaboration with @Walter Cochran. A Braizen Team Effort