1. Navigation bar bar navigation bar navigation desktop uidesign ui uiux design
    View Navigation bar
    Navigation bar
  2. Book Store App mobile ui app design mobile app bookstore mobile app design uiux mobile design app
    View Book Store App
    Book Store App
  3. Simple sign up page figma product minimal page sign up daily ui dailyui uidesign app design app ux uiux ui mobile ui mobile design
    View Simple sign up page
    Simple sign up page
  4. Redesign Of Caramba Switcher redesigned ux ui  ux designapp app russia yellow uidesign desktop app desktop website uiux ui redesign
    View Redesign Of Caramba Switcher
    Redesign Of Caramba Switcher
  5. Redesign concept for Yandex music yandex desktop uidesign figma trending interface dashboard product design product uiux ui streaming app music player digital design dayliui light colors music app app
    View Redesign concept for Yandex music
    Redesign concept for Yandex music
  6. Daily UI #003 Landing Page Concept ui ux illustration website web design desktop online course webdesign uidesign uiux landingpage landing figma daily ui dailyui 003
    View Daily UI #003 Landing Page Concept
    Daily UI #003 Landing Page Concept
  7. Daily UI #008 404 Page stayathome figma 404 error uidesign web design covid19 404 page uiux 008 dailyui daily ui desktop page 404 design
    View Daily UI #008 404 Page
    Daily UI #008 404 Page
  8. DailyUI #004 Calculator vector dark light uiux dailui design mobile app 004 daily ui dailyui
    View DailyUI #004 Calculator
    DailyUI #004 Calculator
  9. DailyUI #005 App Icon 005 daily ui dailyui logotype mobile vector illustraion icons icon app logo branding design design identitydesign identity brand
    View DailyUI #005 App Icon
    DailyUI #005 App Icon
  10. Modal information window uidesign ux ui transparency window modal figma uiux webdesign design app
    View Modal information window
    Modal information window
  11. Adventure Brand Promo product shot branding ui design web webdesign page promo
    View Adventure Brand Promo
    Adventure Brand Promo
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