1. Codex Alimentarius food products standards international cms design joomla alimentarius codex website
    Codex Alimentarius
  2. Adal Et muslim mosque design identity brand logo service halal meat adal et
    Adal Et
  3. Placenger design lens icon app location geolocation instagram messenger chat camera
  4. Appetite Marketing Kit design cafe restaurant directory brochure app delivery drink food appetite
    Appetite Marketing Kit
  5. Appetite Landing Page delicious android ios design app delivery food appetite website landing page
    Appetite Landing Page
  6. Appetite design cafe restaurant directory ios app delivery drink food appetite
  7. Dish cafe restaurant logo design android ios plate icon app dish
  8. Taxi Mobile offer order ui ux design driver mobile taxi app android
    Taxi Mobile
  9. Viso ui ux design ios app business business card sharing cards viso
  10. Gurman design ui ux food restaurant delicious dish gurman android app
  11. Blat! interface interaction blat ui ux design discount iphone ios app
  12. Peppy KID flowers bird design billboard bag identity logo brand kid peppy
    Peppy KID
  13. Taraz BIL school innovation bilim stationary logo taraz identity education lyceum brand
    Taraz BIL
  14. Food.kz ui ux service project startup website design delivery food net
  15. Junior Olympiad informatics math chemistry students physics biology schools science olympiad junior
    Junior Olympiad
  16. Zhambyl College of Economics and Information Technology identity brand logo it technology information economics college turquoise turtledove
    Zhambyl College of Economics and Information Technology
  17. Zhameco Logo 2 logo identity economics design sun sunrise brand education book
    Zhameco Logo 2
  18. Zhameco Logo 1 building art design architecture identity brand logo economics college education
    Zhameco Logo 1
  19. Zhuravli cranes design joomla orphan child children fund crane public website
  20. AllDiscount shop shopping discounts webpage website discount all
  21. Talimger counselor design logo technology high world tutor curator mentor talimger
  22. AUK.KZ sell design website identity brand logo auto real estate car sale auction
  23. Astana Shabyty city sight symbol baiterek logo identity branding company construction astana
    Astana Shabyty
  24. DAV 2008 logo poster wall frame photoshop brushes competition video animation design
    DAV 2008
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