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  1. 13 Aug
    Chris Armstrong
    Commented on Terrible App Ideas: Anti-fitness App

    'Fatness' App

  2. 23 Jul
    Chris Armstrong
    Dribbbled HSB Prototype as a rebound of HSB
  3. 22 Jul
    Chris Armstrong
    Dribbbled HSB
  4. 9 Jul
    Chris Armstrong
    Commented on Live Cropping

    Originally I thought cropping on Niice would be a 'mode' you had to go into, but I've decided to just go with a handle that appears when you hover over an image. Cropping is such a key part of moodboarding that it felt like it should be more accessible and fluid.

  5. 17 Jun
    Chris Armstrong
    Commented on Turf

    Dunno why, but this reminds me of this:

    I like it.