Phillip Le iOS TV On-Demand Concept by Phillip Le

Conceptual work I'm doing for fun based on an app to unify the eco-system of on-demand content from cable service providers.

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Mobile TV iOS Concept - Viewer Controls

March 13, 2015

One more shot showcasing player controls and a minimized player allowing the viewer to continue creating a Watch List, sharing episodes, etc. without having to disconnect from the main content. You can get a better view of the contolle...

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Mobile TV iOS Concept - Viewing Queue "Watch List"

March 07, 2015

Second shot of my UI conceptual work. Here I show my version of a viewing queue. The attachment shows the navigation path allowing a viewer to get to their "Watch List."

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Mobile TV iOS Concept - History Channel Vikings

March 05, 2015

First screenshot to conceptual work I'm doing for fun. Designing the UI for an app unifying the Xfinity eco-system. Of course, I chose my favorite shows to highlight the UI. "Shield wall!"

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