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Caching layers

An illustration for one of the changes in the next release. Not sure yet if it's really needed or a simple text would suffice.

May 26, 2015

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Stats badge

Stats Badge

Badges! For those backing things up and wanting to share their diligence - a bit of flair to display on the Internets ... like in a good old times :)

May 01, 2015

Company page

Finally got around to updating the company website. Used to be just a lonely <pre> block. Check it out live - http://pipemetrics.com

April 30, 2015

Business card

Quick sketch for a business card. Trying to keep it simple, but without being plain and simplistic. Will put it on some nice stock, probably Plike, either en...

April 02, 2015

R73 Newsletter

A bit of a facelift for the newsletter. To compare - before vs after. I think it's not bad looking for 30 min of work... though not really looking forward...

February 13, 2015