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  1. 22 Mar Alex Pankratov Commented on Pennantee by Dan Cederholm for Dribbble

    Dan, you guys should make a lapel pin.

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  3. 17 Mar Alex Pankratov Commented on Bagri Street Signage by Ivaylo Nedkov for FourPlus Studio

    Very very cool!

    PS. The light fixtures are fantastic too :)

  4. 16 Mar Alex Pankratov Commented on Lion Tamer by Jeremiah Shaw

    When a whip is flicked, the wave moves along its length with significant acceleration. This is because the whip thins towards its end.

    Incidentally, this is also the reason why a whip flip ends with a loud crack - when the wave reaches the tip of the whip, the tip actually moves faster than the speed of sound, so what you hear is a small sound boom.


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  8. 31 Jan Alex Pankratov Commented on Einstein by Georgi Dimitrov Erase for FourPlus Studio

    Looks more like Stan Lee to me :)