Pixomatic Pro Update

December 10, 2018

Hey guys, Haven't seen in a while. Quick update for Pixomatic Pro — for the past months we added a bunch of new features and I would like to share them with you 🙂 Check the Pixomatic Pro in the App Store! Alex

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Pixomatic New Features

August 24, 2016

Hey guys, Quick update for future Pixomatic's release — new color scheme, more iOS'ish albums view and Store where you can buy bunch of photos for your mega projects. Cheers.

Pixomatic [Available in the App Store]

June 10, 2016

Hey guys, I helped my friends for Pixomatic to do a redesign their cool app. It's #1 photo app in 76 countries in App Store now. Go and download it ;) Cheers!

Pixomatic Redesign

April 19, 2016

Hey, I'm working on Pixomatic redesign.

Japanese Icon for Photo Editor

February 09, 2016

Finally! My old icon which I created for some Japanese app and which was rejected by client back in bussiness! Guys from Pixomatic want to use it for his app and asking me about little changes — we remove white space and sun is lookin...

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