Guess the price game

February 06, 2018

Hey guys, Recently I worked on a simple game for current my current project. The gameplay is simple — by moving the slider, you can guess the price of the item and get a prize. Right now I think about illustrations — the balloons must ...

Promotion Walkthrough

January 15, 2018

Hey guys, Another part of walkthrough for my current iOS project. It will be represented as cards on a page for promotion description. Tell me what you think. Cheers!

Product Card

August 07, 2017

Hey guys, I’m working for redesign of product card of my current ecommerce project. What do you think? Can’t show you a full-view now, but it will be live on the next week. Cheers!

SideBar for Android App

July 06, 2017

Hey guys, Testing new layout for side bar. The left one with current gradient pattern with dark skin. What do you think? Does the white looks better? Have a nice day, Cheers.

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App Walkthrough

June 13, 2017

Hey guys, Working on app’s walkthrough for my current iOS project. It will represent as cards right after first loading. Tell me what you think. Cheers!

eCommerce App [Profile, Cards & Item Card Screens]

June 01, 2017

Hey guys, Still working on my current project — app for eCommece project. This time it’s Android app. Unfortunately, can’t share full screenshots with you. Tell me what you think, Cheers!

Shopping App Light Redesign

December 16, 2016

Hey guys. Working on redesign of my current project. Wanna add two different themes. Which one do you prefer? Cheers!

eCommerce App [Main Screen & Empty States Illustrations]

September 19, 2016

Hey guys, Wanna share with you couple screens of my full-time project — eCommerce App called Joom. Now it's one of iteration of Main Screen and actual illustrations for empty states screens. Amazing illustrations by Arseny Popov (htt...