Animography Minimal Vs. Elaborate by Animography

Exploring different looks that can be achieved within some of our animated typefaces. Going from the absolute minimal to a more elaborate form.

12 Shots

Jasper dribbble

Jasper - Minimal Vs. Elaborate

June 21, 2017

Strip away all excess color to turn Jasper into a simple and clean outlined serif. Design & animation by @Shabello

Indie dribbble

Indie - Minimal Vs. Elaborate

June 19, 2017

Indie has just one color parameter, but by staggering multiple versions with different line widths and colors you can create a richer look if needed. Design & animation by @Oliver Dead

Hotdish dribbble

Hotdish - Minimal Vs. Elaborate

May 05, 2017

Hotdish is a display typeface with interesting options. You can control two colors per side, which you can turn off to achieve a more simple style. You can also control the in- and out-points with a slider. By animating a version in and ...

Haywire dribbble

Haywire - Minimal Vs. Elaborate

May 04, 2017

Haywire only has 1 customizable color. But don't let that stop you from stacking multiple instances to get some interesting color variation. Design & animation by @CROP

Friction dribbble

Friction - Minimal Vs. Elaborate

May 01, 2017

After brief pause we're picking up this series again. Continuing with Friction, which has 2 sets of secondary elements that can be individually colored, or turned off completely for a more minimal look. Design & animation by @Jesper...

Fatfrank dribbble

Fat Frank - Minimal Vs. Elaborate

January 18, 2017

A true evergreen! Fat Frank has been in the collection since the beginning and is still going strong! Type design by Jeffrey Schreiber Animation by @Oliver Dead

Burstype dribbble

Burstype - Minimal Vs. Elaborate

January 13, 2017

Continuing this series, we're exploring the different looks for Burstype. Bahn only features 2 colors as customizable settings. This is because of the unique frame by frame animation for each character. By alternating the second color it...

Boomerang dribbble

Boomerang - Minimal Vs. Elaborate

January 12, 2017

In this series we try to play with the settings to go from a minimal style to something more vibrant. In the case of Boomerang it simply means playing with the three customizable colors. But don't stop there. Take it to the next level by...