HappyGraph by Andy Peninger

A company focused on measuring and improving happiness through software and technology.

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HappyGraph Popups

January 11, 2017

Various popups from the HappyGraph web app. See attached for detailed example.

HappyGraph Dashboard

December 29, 2016

The HappyGraph v1 Dashboard, a web app for measuring and improving happiness for individuals and in the workplace. There is a lot of interaction design involved with this dashboard that I will be uploading soon.

Content Block Example

December 15, 2016

Most social apps have some form of content within the app. I like to think of these as content blocks that can change or adapt to the need (device, app, website, etc.). That way you can have one style that users are familiar with and use...

HappyGraph Landing Page

December 14, 2016

Some pieces of the landing page for HappyGraph, an app that is used to measure and improve happiness for individuals and companies.

Hammock Labs Site

December 12, 2016

A web site design I designed and developed for Hammock Labs. I also designed the logo and both of the products.

Alternate Settings Page

December 08, 2016

This is a concept for an alternate account/details page. In this case, a single icon could bring you to this screen where there is 5 tabs for account details, settings, and more information about the app.

Login Screens

December 07, 2016

Various login pages and form states for HappyGraph.

Happiness Icons

April 09, 2015

Here are some icons for selecting your happiness in upcoming HappyGraph products.