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  1. 1 Jun Pro
    Andrew Harrington
    Commented on Atlanta AFC

    Clean little package. Some thing's Id consider:

    1. I like the idea behind the flame, but that one has a bit too much detail when you compare it to the rest of the crest. The organic flow and the scale of the little stars makes it look like a logo from a completely different thing that was popped into this new thing, which is exactly what happened, and it shows. Maybe a simpler flame made of fewer, larger shapes will work better. I know it won't be the Olympic logo, but I also don't think that will hurt the execution of the idea.

    2. The As are too far apart from the Ts in your Atlanta lettering. You've got an "A TLANT A" thing going on.

    3. This is a personal preference, but I always read those cross monograms the way we read a page; top, left, right, bottom. Not that there's any "correct" way to orient those, but I think it might be beneficial to put in some sort of hierarchy to it by making the A more prominent and putting it in the center where the F is. In the context of the whole crest here, it's easy enough to figure out, but if you wanted to pull out the mauls to use as a second mark, I feel that hierarchy would be necessary to clarify that it is AFC and not FAC or anything else.

    4. The breaks in the banner are a bit tough for me, aesthetically. I think you could just ditch the tiny triangles and move the rear folded pieces against the main front banner and you'd have a much cleaner look down there.

  2. 1 Jun Pro
    Andrew Harrington
    Commented on Rhino (Pt. II)

    There are some great things happening here. Nice job building the form. The only thing I'm not crazy about is that head-only logos can always potentially be perceived as taxidermy, especially when they're cut relatively straight like this. Not sure how to combat that, though.

  3. 1 Jun Pro
    Andrew Harrington
    Commented on Latest No-Li Bottles

    @Riley Cran Are these screen printed bottles?!