6672c83db925b65a454a45f01626754f Medal of Honor Site Redesign

by Andy Burdin

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Medal of Honor Warfighter Site Redesign

Finally finished a personal redesign of the Medal Of Honor Warfighter site. As with most game property sites, I was pretty disappointed with how it was appro...

May 22, 2013

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Medal of Honor Site Redesign

Snippet of the information section on the different types of global warfighters in MOH: Warfighter. Used existing character key art.

November 04, 2012


Medal of Honor Site Redesign 2

Snippet of the media section tiles for photos, videos, characters along with simple filter buttons.

November 04, 2012


Medal of Honor Site Redesign

Picked up Medal of Honor Warfighter this weekend. Love the game, but I've hated the official site all campaign long. Redesigning the content structure and ov...

November 04, 2012

About This Project

My own redesign of the official Medal of Honor: Warfighter site. Used existing key art in addition to creating my own.