👇 Get Shary app

December 04, 2018

Excited to share with you this predesigned app 🙈 Was done a plenty work. Support it please by like and share, I appreciate it. Grab the file on Get Apps UI.

Third Icons set — Shary app

December 03, 2018

Last icons set for Shary app which used for actions with documents. Grab the file on Get Apps UI.

App Icon — Shary app

November 27, 2018

Icon has to echoes the main app idea. List of documents in a shared folder did it. What do you think? Grab the file on Get Apps UI.

Handlebar — Shary app

November 27, 2018

Custom Handlebar you can design as you want rather than as default UIKit Handlebar. Here was used the third icon set which I'll share with you soon. Grab the file on Get Apps UI.

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Files & Shared screens — Shary app

November 26, 2018

Main sections are Files and Shared. In Files user can upload, store, download, and share files. For comfortable and clear for understanding navigation I created separated Shared section. There user can easily navigate through shared fold...

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Documents Icons set — Shary app

November 22, 2018

One of the main phases of Shary app designing was Documents icons creating. They have to be understandable and easy to recognize. I showed the most used types of documents such as Google Word, Excel, Power Point, Image, and default style...

Tap Bar icons — Shary app

November 21, 2018

For Shary app was drawn a lot of icons. This is the first set. Grab the file on Get Apps UI.

Recent — Shary app

November 19, 2018

Shary is an app which makes file storage and sharing much easier. The main thought is to create this app very simple even for a regular user. Grab the file on Get Apps UI.

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