App Icon — Tasker

November 01, 2018

App Icon has to attract user so he put app on his first iPhone screen. In this icon I combined the main ToDo element — mark with several colored stripes which associated to colored lists. Stripes used as brand memorable element of Taske...

Shot  5

New Task — Tasker app

July 29, 2018

One of main things in app is Action button through which you can create tasks and lists. It’s important to design the process of task creating very close to the final result. It’s doing a familiar enviroment for the user.

Shot  4

List swipes microinteractions — Tasker app

July 24, 2018

To-do app has to be very convenient that’s why it should has tasks microinteractions.

Shot  3

Lists — Tasker app

July 21, 2018

I was deciding a while what is the best way to explain user the difference between "Today" section and each list and came to such decision. On this shot I tried show this difference.

Icons — Tasker app

July 19, 2018

Liquid icon set alludes that this app has natural gestures and transitions.

Today & List tasks — Tasker app

July 17, 2018

Let me introduce my new side project — Tasker. I'm frequent user of ToDo apps and this category is so close for me. Main goal. Create as simple as possible app which has all required functionality and keep it user friendly. Looking fo...