The new

January 15, 2015

Finally, we're proud announce Xapo's new homepage. We've been working hard over the last month to bring you the world's secure bitcoin wallet. We've fully explained xapo's 7 layer security system through animated illustrations. Special...

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Xapo Vault

January 07, 2015

Design for xapo vault, this explains how exactly xapo secures and insures your bitcoins using a three layer solution. Thanks to Carla Corrales for helping me with the illustrations. See Full Pixels

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Xapo Home

January 06, 2015

Home page for Xapo, one of the top bitcoin banks out there, the homepage is designed to let you know Xapo's main features and distribute you to each of the other landing pages to let you learn more. Stay tuned for more. See Full Version

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Xapo debit card

Xapo Debit Card

April 25, 2014

Xapo's debit card landing is live! We're finally done with the landing page which was officially launched yesterday. Xapo's debit card will be the first debit card linked directly to your bitcoin wallet. It will let you pay anywhere tha...

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