September 09, 2015

New identity I've been working on. These guys send you a kit with everything you need to make you're own vegetable garden (Huerta).

Innovation Lab

February 18, 2015

Working on a new logo for a university's community. The "i" stands for innovation lab, it's a place where scientists can innovate on different projects, each icon represents a different are. See some color variations in the attachment,...

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January 05, 2015

Squirrel mark

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WIP Av Monogram

October 27, 2014

First take on my personal monogram, this one has kind of a twist to it because AV pronounced "Ave" in spanish actually means bird. Hence, the bird shape.

T Chat

January 23, 2014

Rejected logo for a chat related project.



December 10, 2013

Logo for pomegranate friut

Colorful Academic Hat

July 25, 2013

Unused education related logo. Had a lot of fun playing with vectors, hope you like it. Created with the Aerolab team


July 23, 2013

Logo for a digital/branding studio. Concept: Ideas go in, designs come out.