Drinklist by Andrés Max

An iOS app for keeping tabs on what you've been drinking, never again get overcharged when paying your part of the check.

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Drinklist Dash

March 04, 2013

Stats Dashboard for Drinklist 2.0. Biggie sized attached + bonus My Tab Screen. We're releasing the update soon!

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Dl stats

Drinklist is now live

December 03, 2011

Our app just went live, check out our landing page and grab a copy if you find it useful like we do :) http://drinklistapp.com/

Dl stats sm

Dl Stats Screen

November 22, 2011

The new stats screen for drinklist. This is the final screen left to code up, thoughts? Any stat you want to see here? Fullsize attached. Oh, and follow the app on twitter at http://twitter.com/drinklist for updates, thanks!

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Dl home

DL Landing page

November 21, 2011

Working today on the landing page! On the good side of things: the app is almost ready!

Drink icons

Drink Icons

November 15, 2011

Some of the new icons for the app.

Drinlkist add 2

Add a Drink v2

November 15, 2011

Update to the add/edit drink screen, the idea is to make it easier to add or remove drinks and have less text. What do you think, is it clear enough? Fullsize http://cl.ly/2z2U1Y3V2w0j1t2J1w0p

Add drink

Add Drink

November 05, 2011

Add a drink screen for drink list. Fullsize http://cl.ly/2p3r2d0P0S2c2M3Z050i

Drinlist v1

Add a Drink

November 04, 2011

Working on a new iOS app for keeping tabs on what you've been drinking or ordering, never again overpay for your share of the check. Fullsize http://cl.ly/39101w113f0p0D121o1d