I'm André Silvestre an artist that makes your ideas quickly understandable!
🎯 Visual storytelling as the first impression.

Over the last 4 years, I worked as a staff and freelance motion designer creating full animated visual storytelling videos from spreading an idea to explanation and thrill, now I'm working as an illustrator that can set my illustrations in motion!
In other words:
Your concept into visual storytelling!

And it can be code-driven by being lightweight size for fast loading.
Exported as .JSON file that can be rendered natively on mobile and on the web
With the power of Lottie an open-source library from the Airbnb design team that renders the animation data in real-time.

❏ silvestre.work – Breakthrough Art to Story Tell

Code-driven motion illustrations, for the Business who long to not fit in, to stand out, and to be understood.

Wants to shape your ideas?


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