1. Butterfly Girl andreas maris butterfly flat design character design illustration vector character
    Butterfly Girl
  2. Bee Girl character design color halftone vector flatdesign girl bee illustration standingpose actionpose characterdesign character
    Bee Girl
  3. Wheelie time gif motion graphics biker gang riding ride bike ride abstractdesign motiondesign animation 2danimation character character animation characterdesign streetwear bikelife biker motorbikes motorbike wheelie
    Wheelie time
  4. Skateboarding motion graphics character katana kitsune mask mask kitsune character animation character design loop animation loop gif 2danimation skateboarding skateboard skater
  5. Killin' time covid-19 quarantine shotgun flower shapes minimal design abstract design living room character design gun killin time killing time chilling sofa abstract vector
    Killin' time
  6. Selfie-Time loop gif minimal shapes abstract design abstract shapes animation 2d animation motion graphic design character paper toilet toilet paper bathroom quarantine selfie character design character animation vector
  7. Chillin' Player flat design character desing vector pop corn boy windows living room television sofa minimal design abstract design abstract illustration character design chiller
    Chillin' Player
  8. Run Cycle Wip man male character exercise room shapes abstract design abstract minimal design jogging treadmill character design character animation runner running runcycle animation
    Run Cycle Wip
  9. The pianist musician piano logo shapes characters illustration minimal illustration minimal design minimal abstract design abstract piano pianist characterdesign character vector
    The pianist
  10. Pauline digital painting vector illustration girl illustration spraycans bottle sneakers blondie blonde girl woman helmet katana cigarettes 8ball streetwear characterdesign character
  11. Cold-hearted Baller ntrelakias vector boy man graphicdesign illustration grime balenciagas characterdesign character baseballbat flexin ballin hoodloco grindin hommie baller
    Cold-hearted Baller
  12. Cuban hermano scope character designs characters streetwear katana digitalart digital painting vector character design cubano flag cuban walking walk characterdesign character
    Cuban hermano
  13. Opportunities boss character animation character design icon loop motion design andreas maris being and becoming door 2d animation motion graphics animation gif vector
  14. Being and Becoming hands flat design vector 2d animation loop gif motiongraphics motion design character animation character design animation 2d animation evil brushpen brush child kid coin being and becoming toss
    Being and Becoming
  15. Late night transitions gif animation animation runner running andreas maris being and becoming gif loop motorcycle deadline delivery project delivery forest motorbike run cycle motion design vector motion graphics 2d animation
    Late night transitions
  16. The Runaway the runaway 2danimation loop moody creatures character character design fire forest tent campfire character animation animation flat design motion graphics gif vector
    The Runaway
  17. Sneakpeek loop from my first project for 2020! creatures animation digital loop rowing row transition character animation characterdesign character adventure traveller travel abstract motion graphics 2d animation
    Sneakpeek loop from my first project for 2020!
  18. Snfcc Xmas 2018 - Christmas Lights oddbleat snfcc reindeer christmas animations gif flat design animation after effects animation magician vector motion design 2d animation motion graphics
    Snfcc Xmas 2018 - Christmas Lights
  19. Snfcc Xmas 2018 - Christmas Lights gif circle reindeer oddbleat snfcc christmas santa clause santa claus icon icon animation flatdesign motion design 2d animation motion graphics flat design animation vector
    Snfcc Xmas 2018 - Christmas Lights
  20. Snfcc Xmas 2018 - Christmas Lights oddbleat stavros niarchos design flatdesign motion design gif 2d animation snfcc motion graphic design motion graphics reindeer christmas trees christmas christmas tree 2danimation animation
    Snfcc Xmas 2018 - Christmas Lights
  21. Letter "H" goes for Hologram! cityscape icon design vector illustration flatdesign vector art motiondesign motiongraphics 2danimation loop gif animation lettering art glitch hologram lettering vector buildings
    Letter "H" goes for Hologram!
  22. Letter "G" goes for Glitch! motion design 2d animation animation motion graphics vector flat design flatdesign 2danimation gif animation g letter retro cityscape video gif glitch
    Letter "G" goes for Glitch!
  23. After party outline vector living room livingroom naked nude sofa couch horse man illustrator design flatdesign flat design illustration vector
    After party
  24. Can i trust online dating? man woman vector flatdesign online dating dating dinner restaurant table horse character animation character design character motion design gif animation 2d animation motion graphics
    Can i trust online dating?
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