Andrea Trew Camp Flywheel Summer Internship by Andrea Trew

Flywheel’s three-month summer internship is an opportunity for college students to learn new skills, gain valuable life experience, and have a fly time!

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Camp Flywheel - Microsite

May 20, 2017

I channeled our my inner Wes Anderson, grabbed a few of my favorite things around the office (like Chewie, one of the office dogs), and with the help of our dev @Trevan Hetzel. built this whimsical, parallax site to spread the word and s...

Camp Flywheel - Chewie

May 19, 2017

One of the whimsical bits you can find at (fact: this is Chewie our resident pup @Flywheel)

Camp Flywheel - Summer Internship

May 18, 2017

The theme of this summer's internship program is a hard nod to Wes Anderson's Moonrise Kingdom. Leveraging the idea that young adults are going to a sort of summer camp @Flywheel, I dressed up my boss and coworkers as characters from the...

Dribbble hotdog pattern

Hotdog Pattern

March 29, 2017

Life is better when you can create hotdog patterns for a living. Here’s a concept I created for @Flywheel 2016 internship campaign. Because what’s summer without hotdogs? Tilable patterns attached!