Responsive Shubox

April 27, 2017

New Work! We worked with the creator of Shubox to update its look and feel, define a brand voice, and better communicate what it does and who it's for. A radical departure from the standard look and feel of software services for app dev...

The New Shubox

April 25, 2017

New Work! I'm so excited to announce that the redesigned Shubox is live! @Dan Perrera and I have been working with our good friend Joel to update the look and feel of the Shubox app and marketing site, define a brand voice, and better c...

Shubox illustrations

Feature Illustrations

January 27, 2017

The full set of feature illustrations for a SaaS marketing site.

Simple Shapes

January 20, 2017

A bit more of the custom pattern I designed for an upcoming project.

Simple. Fast. Flexible.

January 17, 2017

Working out hierarchy, color palette, and illustration for something in progress.