User-friendly Data Tables

August 09, 2012

The idea of this table is to make the work of those who have to fill out an excessive number of fields less painful. So, when the user fill the fields, the data is automatically saved and the border of the line turns green to indicate th...

Wizard Steps & Suggestions

August 08, 2012

This is a little part of the quotation process. As the amount of information necessary in the quotation is too large, the best solution to ensure that the user can fill in all fields with minimal effort as possible, was split into smal...

View Quote

August 07, 2012

Another screen that i'm working on. This is the overview screen of the insurance quote. I used a tab navigation for a better visualization of the huge amount of informations.

Fixed filters behavior

August 03, 2012

Fixed filter + infinite scroll.

Insurance Quote Webapp

August 03, 2012

This is the dashboard of an webapp that i'm designing for an huge insurance company from Brazil. Any suggestion? :) ps: Background credits for: