Dallas, Texas, mom of five and wife of a firefighter, Amber Massey. When Amber was pregnant with her first set of twins, she established her Instagram account, which she has been running for nearly 15 years. While throwing up her recommendations for things and always having great discount coupons, Amber has naturally built her platform over the last nine years into a community of women who are often sought out as a source of encouragement to rediscover the pleasure in marriage and parenting. Since graduating with a degree in Nutrition Science, Amber has gone on to work in a number of different disciplines such as clinical nutrition and sports medicine. She has also worked as a private chef and has penned thousands of healthy recipes. After Amber's fourth kid was born, she decided to stay at home and focus on her family. It was at this time that her Instagram (@masseya) grew into what it is today and continues to expand every day.

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