1. Monstera deliciosa still life sketch monstera deliciosa houseplant illustration hawaii
    Monstera deliciosa
  2. USPS Forever Stamp foreva mail woman letter carrier mail carrier mail illustration shaka aloha usps hawaii
    USPS Forever Stamp
  3. Driving to Surf locals drive car ride palm trees plumeria driving surf beach diamond head waikiki travel girl aloha illustration hawaii
    Driving to Surf
  4. Catching a Wave coconut trees palm trees bird of paradise surfboards surfing travel aloha illustration hawaii
    Catching a Wave
  5. Surfing Dreams wave rainbow daydreaming diamond head surfing aloha illustration hawaii
    Surfing Dreams
  6. Hawaii House chevy monte carlo yard childhood home architecture aloha illustration hawaii
    Hawaii House
  7. Patsy Mink feminism womens rights feminist patsy mink title ix illustration hawaii
    Patsy Mink
  8. Flower Bundles palaka flowers heliconia aloha girl illustration hawaii
    Flower Bundles
  9. Brick and Mortar to E-Commerce honolulu shopping magazine editorial illustration hawaii brick and mortar e-commerce
    Brick and Mortar to E-Commerce
  10. Great Grandma And Elyse family ohana grandchild grandmother plumeria aloha illustration hawaii
    Great Grandma And Elyse
  11. Black Lives Matter aloha trayvonmartin tamirrice georgefloyd breonnataylor ahmaudarbery hawaii lei blacklivesmatter
    Black Lives Matter
  12. Pareo flowers pareo lei aloha girl illustration hawaii
  13. Terno butterfly plants anthurium flowers filipina filipino terno girl illustration hawaii
  14. Homebody human monstera anthurium houseplants girl illustration hawaii
  15. Long Commutes aloha drive commute car travel magazine editorial illustration hawaii
    Long Commutes
  16. Long Commutes commute truck car editorial illustration hawaii
    Long Commutes
  17. Magnify magazine typography hawaii advertising sketches marketing design logo
  18. Pincurls And Palaka pin curls palaka muu muu aloha girl anthurium illustration hawaii
    Pincurls And Palaka
  19. Fishing bathing suit girl fishing beach illustration hawaii
  20. Hide And Seek character design garden girl ti leaf illustration hawaii
    Hide And Seek
  21. Flower Girl tropical aloha girl plumeria hibiscus lei illustration hawaii
    Flower Girl
  22. Kappa Moo Wahine character design girl obake lei illustration hawaii
    Kappa Moo Wahine
  23. Aunty muu muu aloha girl pikake gardenia lei illustration hawaii
  24. Haku haku lei flower crown girl haku lei illustration hawaii
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