November 16, 2019

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Eleyo Scens

October 24, 2019

Eleyo Characters

October 23, 2019

More Eleyo characters

Eleyo LanchBox pack

October 02, 2019

One more cute Illustration for Eleyo, check link at the bottom. :) LUNCH IS ON US Help your school erase lunch debt.

Teachers Collaborate

October 01, 2019

Teachers Can Connect More With Their Colleagues. One of the biggest obstacles to connecting with other teachers is making sure that you’re all on the same page. Everyone should know what’s expected of them and be made a valued part of th...

School Programs

September 20, 2019

School Program Options, The person on the left is explaining all the options for the best school program they can choose from that will suit their child.

Signing up

September 18, 2019

Signing up for a program.

Eleyo Hero Illustration

September 15, 2019