Sketch Freebie - Clock Numbers

October 09, 2014

I made a couple of these for an alternate version of a countdown timer in the app that I'm currently working on. This is my first foray into Sketch, and I've been extremely grateful for the resources that currently are available to Sketc...

Free Retro-Boxer iPhone Wallpaper

June 19, 2014

Made some tessellating retro-boxer backgrounds for a fun project called Hurlin' Mike's Automagical Whiteboard, about a year ago. Decided to make them into iPhone wallpapers to share! You can check out Hurlin' at:

Freebie PSD: Green Monster

November 26, 2013

Here's a fun shot I made on Photoshop while rooting for the Red Sox in the 2013 World Series. It's made to fit the dimensions of an iPhone 5 and up. Gotta love the old-school scoreboard we've got at Fenway. So many textures, such a auth...